The Holy Land Devotional: Inspirational Reflections from the Land Where Jesus Walked


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God has chosen to reveal himself to humankind in various ways at various times. Each of these encounters occurred in real, physical locations. Even visions–such as Jacob’s ladder or John’s Apocalypse–came to people in a particular place. Place is inextricably woven into the story of Scripture, and it’s one of the most meaningful ways in which we can encounter God today.

Linking these locations with Scripture, reflection questions, prayer, and life-changing insight drawn from more than a quarter century of leading travelers through the Holy Land, John A. Beck offers you a devotional like no other. Illustrated with beautiful full-color photos, The Holy Land Devotional features the sites that Christian pilgrims most often visit, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of people like Jacob, Joshua, Gideon, Ruth, David, Martha, Peter, and, of course, Jesus.

Whether you’ve been to the Holy Land, are planning a trip, or just want to know more about the land where Jesus walked, this devotional invites you to grow closer to God as you hear him speaking in and through the Holy Land.

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