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Hey! My name is Colton, and I love the Lord, my family, people, sports, and helping others. My whole life I’ve been playing sports and thinking that’s what my calling was from God. About a year ago, I realized that I didn’t really enjoy them as much as I once had and just didn’t have the same love while playing that I once had. I realized that I loved helping people and making a difference on other peoples life. I thought I had lots of good stuff and knowledge to share and felt the tug from God to write a book and share what I believe and impact people through a book. The title, “Perspective,” comes from the impact of how a perspective can change your life and how important they are. I believe that the way you look at things can change your life and allowing yourself to look at things differently plays a role in our life, if you allow God to be the answer.

My goal in this book is to take different lessons that you’ve heard of before, or even things you’ve never thought about before and help you look at them in a different way, rooted under God. When we look at things in a different perspective, it can make life easier or harder, and I want to make things seem a little easier to better your life and others around you. A new perspective is something that doesn’t get used or thought about enough and I want to help you find that new perspective in your life. I share what perspective I use in my life to give you a different idea and example of how I use my perspective and think during my day. I hope that you can think about things in new ways and perspectives, giving you a life of new heights.