What Is the Trinity and Why Does It Matter? ( Jesus Way: Small Books of Radical Faith )


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How is the one God also three persons? How is Jesus fully God and fully human? Who in the world should we pray to? And why does any of it matter?
Steve Dancause offers a succinct and profound investigation into how what we think about God as Trinity matters in our faith, our work, and our love. It matters because the walls of our churches are cracking around us. We can keep patching things up, but it is better to go to the foundation and do the hard digging. With the right foundation, the structure holds, and it stands the test of eternity. And it is only in Jesus, and the Trinity he reveals to us, that we build our lives on solid rock. Let’s dig down together.

The Jesus Way: Small Books of Radical Faith delve into big questions about God’s work in the world. These concise, practical books are deeply rooted in Anabaptist theology. Crafted by a diverse community of internationally renowned scholars, pastors, and practitioners, The Jesus Way series helps readers deepen their faith in Christ and enliven their witness.
Accessible Jesus-centered theology from an Anabaptist perspective
Designed for use by individual readers, small groups, and Christian education classes
Glossary of terms and discussion and reflection questions in each volume

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