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Time: The Untold Story of the Love That Held Us Together When Incarceration Kept Us Apart


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” Time is a stunning and poignant story of the power of love and family in a time when the whole world is against you. It’s the story of a man desperate to get back to his family, and a woman and children who refuse to give up on him. It’s an awe-inspiring story of perseverance and what it means to be a Black family in America–the joy, the sorrow, the victories, and the hurt all in one. Fox and Rob have already proven their story is one for a generation, but now they’ve proven their literary prowess as well.”– Kenya Barris, writer, producer, director, actor

“This story has to be told. This book has to be read. It’s so incredibly perfect for the times we live in–bad personal decisions, misplaced accountability, genuine redemption, and eventually, dignity and justice. It’s better than fiction because it actually happened. And it’s proof that, in the end, love really does conquer all.”– Dr. Frank I. Luntz, political and communications commentator

“Like so many other filmgoers, I was moved, angered, and inspired by the extraordinary documentary Time. My only complaint was that it left me wanting to know more. Now, this book goes into greater depth and detail in telling Fox and Rob Richardson’s courageous battle to achieve justice for themselves and, ultimately, for so many who have been failed by the American legal system.”– Jeffrey Katzenberg, cofounder, WndrCo and DreamWorks, SKG

“Books about people entangled in the American criminal justice system are typically about an individual’s personal experience. Time, however, is about the journey of a family. It’s about their decades-long struggle to survive and create a future in the face of none while holding their family together despite a merciless system. It is a celebration of the human spirit’s ability to transcend the mud and rise from it, unstained like the lotus, bringing beauty into the world where we least expect it.”– Wilbert Rideau, award-winning prison journalist, editor, and filmmaker; author of In the Place of Justice

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