The Size of Everything: Ginormous Galaxies, Itty-Bitty Quarks, and Me


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The Size of Everything helps children understand why and how they were created and how they physically fit into God’s world. This book emphasizes that humans are at the center of God’s Creation because we are made in his image. The story begins in the middle of the book and gives the reader the option to turn the pages to the left and explore creations that progressively get smaller than humans, or they can turn the page to the right and explore creations bigger than humans.

This book touches on the themes of God’s power and creativity, and how special humans are to God. It’s also an informational book that includes fun science facts about each creation mentioned.

What’s Inside?
-A one-of-a-kind book that starts in the middle
A giant size index along the bottom of each page
Over 45 fantastic creations
Over 80 brilliantly colorful photos
Over 100 mind-blowing science facts

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