The Grace Marriage: How the Gospel and Intentionality Transform Your Relationship


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We live in a performance-based world–but happy and hope-filled marriages thrive on grace.

Marriage was God’s idea, so we know He designed it to be very, very good. But why do most marriages look disengaged, unappealing, or at best a bit stagnant?

For Brad and Marilyn, “the honeymoon was over before the honeymoon was even over.” Both found themselves disillusioned and disappointed. In The Grace Marriage, the authors share how a revelation of God’s grace and fresh conviction of the need for intentional investment transformed their hearts and relationship.

What does a grace marriage look like? This book invites couples to explore:

-Grace and Identity
-Grace in the Day-to-Day
-Grace in Crisis
-Grace and Communication
-Grace and Sex
-Grace and Money . . . and more.

Choosing to show your spouse the same grace Christ has showed you liberates you to walk in freedom and fullness of joy. If you want your marriage to reflect the vibrancy, creativity, and oneness God intends, you must show proactive, ongoing investment.

This book is an essential resource for couples who desire to thrive–not just survive–and who want a marriage that showcases the grace of God to the watching world.

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