The Fire of Perfect Love: Intimacy with God for a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Unshakable Faith


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You Can Take Comfort in the Intensity of His Love

As the world grows more hostile to the love and truth of Jesus, we need hearts that burn hotter than the fury of fear and persecution. And the secret to that kind of passion lies in a heart yielded to the fire of God’s perfect love.

With warmth and piercing insight, global apostolic ministers Steven and Rene Springer help you embrace God’s purifying fire that will

– captivate your heart
– ignite power and purpose
– reveal your true identity
– bring forth boldness and cast out fear
– fuel you for greater transformation and impact

When you make fiery love the goal of your life, you won’t burn up and you won’t burn out. You will bring the transforming love of Jesus to your city, nation, and world with confidence and power.

“God’s perfect love will invade your heart as you read this book, forever ruining you for lukewarm Christianity and passionless living.”–DUTCH SHEETS,

“Our hearts toward humanity must burn with the fire of God’s love in everything we do and say!”–TODD WHITE, Lifestyle Christianity

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