The Enneagram and Your Marriage: A 7-Week Guide to Better Understanding and Loving Your Spouse


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A couple’s workbook for growing in understanding, empathy, and love

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for increasing our awareness and understanding of ourselves and others. When applied to our marriages it can be truly transformational, allowing us to grow in empathy and compassion for one another, resulting in a stronger, more loving bond.

In this seven-week workbook, certified Enneagram coach Jackie Brewster guides you through the process of building a stronger marriage. Interactive exercises help each partner identify their primary Enneagram number, subtypes, and wing numbers, then apply that knowledge to the everyday challenges of married life. Jackie walks couples through topics such as
– how unconscious childhood messages fuel conflict and frustration in our relationships
– what unique insights each person brings to the table
– how each spouse processes information and deals with their emotions
– and more

This easy-to-use, comprehensive, and encouraging guide will equip you and your spouse to feel known, seen, understood, and deeply loved.

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