Notes from a Doctor’s Pocket: Heartwarming Stories of Hope and Healing


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These Notes from a Doctor’s Pocket come from the decades of ER experience of bestselling author Dr. Robert Lesslie, whose routine faced him with times of grief or pain, relief or delight, life or death. Such everyday happenings and encounters gave rise to these vignettes–in which readers will meet up with the characters, coincidences, and complications common to the emergency room:

*characters like Freddy, who literally shoots himself in the foot
*coincidences like finally having the chance to hear what patients say to each other when doctors and nurses aren’t in the room
*complications such as dealing with parents who buy lottery tickets and alcohol instead of medicine for their little boy
These heart-tugging, heart-lifting slices of life will prompt readers to search for opportunities to give the comfort of a touch, the grace of a kind word, or a prayer that brings hope and healing.

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