My Calling to Fulfill


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“When the church asks you to serve, let your answer be yes unless there is a good reason to say no.”–Orie O. Miller

A necktie and a plain coat: Mennonite leader Orie O. Miller donned both, thus straddling the demands of the business world and the calling of his beloved church. In a century marked by two devastating world wars, the fractious fundamentalist-modernist debate, and growing diversity in the church, Miller helped to lead Mennonites from rural isolation to global engagement.

Historian and storyteller John E. Sharp describes how Miller led Mennonite work in education, missions, peacemaking, postwar reconstruction, and mental health, thus molding most major Mennonite agencies, including Mennonite Central Committee and Goshen College. Filled with previously untold stories of Miller’s personal life–his childhood, college years, marriage, and internal conflict between his responsibility to his family and commitment to his beloved church–this inspiring and comprehensive biography traces the contours of twentieth-century Anabaptism through the theology and vocation of one of its most influential leaders.

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