Kingdom Marriage: Connecting God’s Purpose with Your Pleasure


What happens when a kingdom man marries a kingdom woman? Kingdom Marriage: Connecting God’s Purpose with Your Pleasure helps couples grow together as a kingdom couple to fulfill God’s design and purpose for their marriage. Through practical insights and powerful stories, Dr. Tony Evans inspires and instructs so couples will discover the hope, challenge, and guidance God’s Word provides for their journey together.

“You can reflect the glory of God and the unity of the Trinity through your shared purpose, honor, and love as a true kingdom couple.” –Tony Evans

Kingdom Marriage shows couples that the key to influencing our society and world with lasting impact is found in solidifying biblical marriage in the way God intended. It starts with both wife and husband reflecting God and His image and modeling that reflection within the roles and responsibilities of their union. This is based on a correct understanding of God’s kingdom and their responsibilities in it. Kingdom Marriage and the Kingdom Marriagedevotional and video resources are part of an entire line of Kingdom products by Tony Evans, including Kingdom Man, Kingdom Woman, Raising Kingdom Kids, and the Kingdom Quest strategy guides for kids and teens.


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Experience the vibrant, abundant marriage God intends for you to have.
You may have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship–or it may feel empty and hopeless. But no matter what’s going on, God has a purpose for your marriage. And it’s probably not what you think!

Dr. Tony Evans explains what marriage is really about and how your marriage can align with God’s purposes–no matter what state your relationship is in right now.

With practical insights from Scripture, and stories from his many years of counseling couples, Dr. Evans shares his heart for marriage and its place in God’s kingdom work. Discovering the unique mission God has for your marriage will transform your relationship–and your life.

Find the true fulfillment that comes from growing together in a kingdom marriage.

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