Jane Austen: A Literary Celebrity


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Jane Austen is famous for such books as Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma. Now learn about the author’s journey through a life spent making up stories that touched the lives of millions.

Jane Austen is now what she never was in life, and what she would have been horrified to become–a literary celebrity. “Janeia” is the author’s term for the mania for all things Austen. Dive into Jane Austen: A Literary Celebrity and discover:

-how it all began and Austen’s love of poetry
-her early masterpieces and the inspiration behind the stories
-her road to getting published and the health decline that led to her death
In this updated edition, you’ll also find discussion questions that work well for book clubs and ELA lesson plans. This biography is perfect for:

-Jane Austen fans and collectors
-men and women who have enjoyed Austen-inspired films and TV series adaptations
-anyone interested in learning about the varied sides of Austen’s character and the characters she created
Jane Austen: A Literary Celebrity is a fascinating look at a woman who never meant to be famous.

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