Iron Sharpens Iron: Daily Proverbs for Today’s Martial Artist


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Can martial arts and Christianity go together? The Bible says that God will use anything to bring people into a relationship with Him. So, yes, martial arts can be a way to reach others for Christ. But, many people only view martial arts in a negative context, and see it as a way to promote violence, advocate fighting, and encourage meditation to other gods. What they are missing is the true heart of the art and fail to see the many advantages this art offers — including discipline, respect, and self-control. Iron Sharpens Iron: Daily Proverbs for Today’s Martial Artist is a devotional that will help you in your walk to develop the benefits of martial arts in your daily life. By looking at the teaching of Proverbs through the lens of a martial artist, you will see how the Bible is relevant and applicable to your martial arts training, understanding, and growth. Each day you will be guided to read a chapter of Proverbs followed by a devotion that highlights specific teachings within the chapter. The daily devotions are designed to strengthen your daily walk with Christ as you continue your journey of reaching mastery of your art.

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