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God’s Story, Our Story is an introduction to Christian faith from an Anabaptist perspective. It can be used in a group of people considering baptism, or by someone who just wants to mull over faith questions on their own before–or even after–they say yes to God’s Story. 184 Pages.

Table of Contents:
Author’s Acknowledgments — Introduction-Pull Up a Chair — Chapter 1. Beginnings — God sets the stage-a good creation — People in God’s image — God-far off and yet close up — Humanity’s problem: sin — Gods judgment and Gods grace — Chapter 2. God Creates Again — God chooses people — God’s providence — Salvation — Leaving slavery — New way of being — Good rules for living — Holy war-let God defend you — Worship — Shalom — Chapter 3. Competing Gods — Faith as a long journey — The temptation to be like the others — How we read the Bible — God as the only true ruler — Judgment is also grace-new starts — Keeping pure in a dirty world — Chapter 4. Enter Jesus — God comes in human form — Jesus: a different kind of messiah — Jubilee living from the heart — Good news for all, even enemies — Words, actions, and salvation — A call to follow — Chapter 5. Mission Accomplished — Jesus: a threat to the powers that be — Love, service, sacrifice — Why Jesus died — And what it has to do with us — Why Jesus rose again — And why it matters — Chapter 6. God’s Spirit Moving — The church is born — One God, three persons — God’s new people: all are invited — Conversion — Gods intervention in our lives — Chapter 7. God’s Story, My Story, Our Story — God meets us where we are — Salvation-another look — Saying yes to the Story (steps to becoming a Christian) — Baptism — Joining Gods people, the church — The Lords Supper-communion — Chapter 8. Living into the Story — Watering the Christian life — Spiritual disciplines — Inner life — Outer life — Sharing good news — Exercising spiritual gifts — Chapter 9. The Rest of the Story — The church through the centuries — The Anabaptists (Mennonites today) — The difference between Anabaptists and other Christians — The future end of the Story — The Story continues in our lives — Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective (summary) — Resources for Further Study — Timeline — The Author.

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