The Declaration of Independence for Kids – How America Became a Free Country


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Encouraging children to learn about the Declaration of Independence at an early age is essential for the preservation of a free government.

As your house has been established on a solid foundation, the federal government has been established on a solid foundation.  Our politicians often reference the Constitution to support a law-making decision.  Only our knowledge of the constitution allows us to know if the politicians are Constitutionally correct.

You build your foundation on knowledge.  That knowledge is found in the prefix, or the beginning paragraphs, of The Declaration of Independence.  The structure, type, and form of our government all lies inside these paragraphs.  your comprehension of these will enable you to have a much clearer understanding of both the Declaration of independence and the Constitution, and why our government was established in the way it was.

The Declaration of Independence for Kids could not only begin a child’s study of these documents, but could also stir an adult’s interest.

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