Introducing:  Friends of Faith & Life

Dear Customers and Supporters of Faith & Life,

Faith & Life Bookstore has been a presence in Newton, Kansas for over 70 years.  Throughout this time it has undergone ownership changes, name changes, and even a location change.  But one thing hasn’t changed– the ministry of the bookstore.  Faith & Life became a non-profit* in 2015 to further clarify the mission and vision of our ministry:  We exist to connect people with the resources needed to equip and inspire a life of faith.  We come alongside individuals and encourage them to live an abundant life of faith on an everyday basis, and we desire to partner with churches to give them the tools they need to help their congregations grow in their walk with God.

As I look back on my almost 10 years of working at Faith & Life, I am amazed at the ways that God has used our store to touch the hearts and lives of people. The staff and I count it a huge blessing to know you and walk through the highs and lows of life with you and your families.  It continues to be an honor that I don’t take lightly.  So many of you have become friends along the way–I love coming to work each day and ministering to whomever God brings through our door. 

Our ministry is rewarding, but it’s hard work.  Keeping an independent bookstore alive and well in this era of online shopping has become increasingly difficult.  Now, the added pressure of the COVID-19 virus and the impact it is making on our day-to-day operations threatens the survival of Faith & Life.

The board of Faith & Life has discussed many options of what moving forward looks like and we are reaching out to you, our loyal friends and customers, to join us.  We are launching “Friends of Faith & Life,” a new annual membership opportunity with benefits for each level of participation.  

Paperback Level–$50-$99                         

Hardcover Level–$100-$249

Series Level–$250-$499

Bookshelf Level–$500+

Entire Bookcase Level–ask about special options

The bottom line is–we need you.  We need your support in shopping local when you could go elsewhere; we need you telling your friends about us and giving out referrals; we need you asking your churches to support us by giving us the opportunity to serve them; we need your prayers; we need your encouragement and we need your presence.   And now we are asking–if you are able–to support us by becoming a “Friend of Faith & Life”.

With your help, we promise to continue doing our best to provide you with the best possible service, fair prices, lots of great shopping options, and the most care.  We promise to provide you with a peaceful atmosphere filled with laughter and kindness and smiles.  And we promise to continue to love everyone who walks through the door with the love of Christ that we’ve been given–and to trust that God will help us lead you all to the right book or gift for the right person at just the right time.  It’s about God.  It always has been and it always will be.  


Bethany Martin, Manager

On behalf of the Faith & Life Board of Directors

Lois & Joe Friesen

DeWayne & Betty Pauls

Milton Claassen

J.L. & Bethany Martin

**Faith and Life, Inc is a 501-C3 corporation.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


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You may make a donation online, or send a check to Faith & Life Boosktore, 606 N. Main, Newton, KS  67114