Spring Reading Fun

Now is the time to get caught up on your reading!

Get to the bottom of your “To Be Read” piles and get ready to start a new one!

We thought we would have some fun and start an early edition of our “summer” reading program.  Since you may not have access to lots of different types of books, we’re making this a little easier for now.  Click the link below  to print our “bookshelves” and use it to keep track of how many books you read over the next month (through April).  We’ll try to post a different idea for the month of May.  If you want to purchase more books to read, by all means, use this website–and we’ll ship you whatever we can!

Hang on to your paper, no matter how many books you read.  We’ll do something fun with it this summer.

Spring Reading “Bookshelves”

If you can’t get the form to print or don’t have a printer, email (info@faithandlifebookstore.com)or call the store (316-283-2210), I will mail you one or you can pick it up here.