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12 Reasons to at Faith & Life

12 Reasons to Shop at Faith & Life:

  1. You never know when a trip to the store will become a mini reunion with an old friend.

  2. Cookies and giveaways!

  3. You need a peaceful place to come and just getaway

  4. We can help you find the perfect book/gift for your friend going through a hard time, grandson with a birthday, or co-worker with cancer

  5. Alexa and Siri can’t smile at you

  6. You can touch all the merchandise

  7. Free gift wrap–and you can even pick the colors!

  8. We appreciate you!

  9. If you’re looking for a book that you heard about on the radio last week and it has a green cover but you don’t know the author or the title, although you think it has the word “grace” in it–we can probably find it.

  10. We listen–and we care about you.

  11. You believe in our mission–Connect * Equip * Inspire

  12. We exist for a reason greater than retail!