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Summer is upon us

With schools in the area all officially out and the temperatures doing their best to rise, Summer has arrived!  We have all survived the concerts, graduations, confirmations, and a million other things that seem to come at the end of every school year.   For many of us it’s on to the busyness of ball games, camps, vacations and whatever else you fill up your schedule with at the beginning of the season.  It seems that summer can be almost as busy, if not busier than the school year.  I hope that you will find some time in the next few months for rest, relaxation, and, of course, READING!

We are so interested in keeping kids reading during the summer that we are kicking off our 2nd Annual Kids’ Summer Reading Sale!  Beginning Monday, June 1, all kids and youth books will be 20% off all summer long.   Studies continue to show that kids who don’t read over the summer months will lose ground in school–at least a month of reading achievement.  This is known as the “summer slide”, but it’s one slide you don’t want your kids to go down.  This slide can be prevented very easily–READ!  Just 4-6 books over the summer will help children maintain their reading skills.  A recent study has shown that the most effective way to get kids to read is to allow them to pick their own books, not just follow a prescribed list handed out by a teacher (or mom) at the beginning of the summer. It makes sense, doesn’t it?  Being told to read a book you didn’t choose doesn’t really appeal to most of us (book clubs excepted).  However, getting to choose a book–even if you’re judging it by its cover–give a sense of control, and a stronger chance that you will actually pick it up and read it.

We hope that you will take advantage of our Summer Book Sale.  Grab your favorite child (or two) and bring them into the store sometime.  Let them peruse the shelves and ask us lots of questions.  Remember, we can special order just about any title, and most of those are included in the sale, too.   We would love for every child to return to school at or above their current reading level.  Are you with us?