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Two Feet Apart at the Altar


Roy Unruh received his doctorate of education from the University of Northern Colorado and spent the majority of his career teaching science, mathematics and physics at the high school and college level. He has been published numerous times in various academic journals and publications. He has also served on various science foundations and programs. Mildred Martens-Unruh taught in Kansas elementary schools and worked as district liaison as well as high school library assistant. She volunteered at her church, school and community organizations and was a member of the Hesston Civic and Garden Club for many years. Her writing experience includes her autobiography, three family genealogies, and many articles and stories.

Roy Unruh, Mildred Martens-Unruh
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When Mildred married her first husband, she didn’t know her second husband, Roy, was standing two feet away at the altar. But before the nuptials, the three and Roy’s first wife were all friends from high school who were in each other’s wedding parties and spent weekends together. They even performed alternative service for the draft in the same Denver hospital. As they grew older, Mildred and Roy’s friends and spouses died in horrible accidents and natural disasters wreaked havoc on their homes. The two single classmates found comfort in the arms of one another. “Some may say that we made it through these hardships because of one another,” the authors said. “But the story shows that it was our shared faith in God that helped us through the deaths and disasters.” The couple acknowledges that life holds many unexpected twists and turns, but they believe that their story is a testament to having faith in God and the plans that He has in store for everyone. They weave questions and answers into their true story to enlighten readers with the faith in God that has helped them throughout their lives.