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Silvia’s Rose


Amish widow Esther Stoltzfus moves into a new community and meets the handsome and eligible Isaiah Mast, as well as a neighbor, Joseph Zook, whose stories about his love for his late wife Silvia stir a passion hidden deep in Esther’s heart.

Jerry Eicher
Peace in the Valley #1
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“Like most Amish women, Esther Stoltzfus considers herself to be down-to-earth. Her marriage to her deceased husband was one borne out of practicality, and Esther sees no reason why God won’t replace what He was taken away. When Esther moves to a new community with her daughter, Diana, she meets the handsome minister Isaiah Mast, who has experienced his own loss and appears to be a logical fit to complete their family. But everything changes when Esther is introduced to Joseph Zook, her widowed neighbor down the road. While tending to his treasured roses, Joseph tells stories of his passionate love for his late wife, Silvia–stories that stir a place in Esther’s heart she never knew existed. What if she and Isaiah could have the kind of love Joseph and Silvia shared? Meanwhile, Joseph gets his own second chance at love with the eccentric Arlene King, even as he knows he will never find another frau like his beloved Silvia. Silvia’s Rose is a beautiful story filled with redemption, romance, and risking it all for the reward of true love”–