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Jesus + You = Two


Children are precious — to us and to God! And their growing-up years are so important to the people they become. Through their everyday experiences, children discover their individual identities, their unique destinies, and the reality of their loving Creator. When faced with challenges and disappointments, children are comforted to learn that other children share many of the same experiences. As they hear other children’s stories, they are strengthened in discovering that they are not alone, or “more strange,” or “less courageous” than their peers. The vision for The Jase(R) Series took root in my heart two decades ago. Now, as a husband and the father of two beautiful girls, I long to reach children and those who love and care for them with the Good News–the gospel of Jesus Christ! I pray that this children’s story will sing the melody of God’s heart to you, whatever your age. — Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb
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Little Maya’s father is serving in a war far away. Like most children, Maya becomes frightened when lightning strikes and thunder rolls, especially when she and her mother are home alone. In a continuing dreamland adventure, Maya follows Jase(R) aboard Noah’s Ark. There she learns, once and for all, that she is never alone…and every storm comes to an end.