Unexpected Invitations:

Surprises, adventures, and opportunities in Mennonite Ministry

by Angela Rempel with Erwin Rempel

Meet author Angela Rempel

Saturday, March 25



This is a story of God at work, weaving together experiences that brought together a shy little country girl and a tall orphan boy into a life of ministry in Mennonite church circles– both in the United States and internationally. The chapters of our lives include living in nine different states and on three continents and too many travels to relate or even count.

Each chapter of life left a permanent imprint on us. Our time in Brazil turned out to be especially momentous. At the far end of life now, we see that our experiences in earlier chapters of life continued like strands into the next chapters to enrich, enable, and
strengthen us for new tasks. Several themes run throughout: major unexpected invitations that changed the direction of our lives, changing times and technologies, and navigating through various aspects of Mennonite church life.